The Power of Hotel Email Marketing
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4 Ways For Hoteliers To Get More Direct Bookings From Google
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Integrating Text Messaging into the Entire Hotel Guest Experience


Even before your guests walk into your door, you can engage them with a welcome message along with information that can make their arrival easier and more pleasant.

Welcome Message

Directions to Hotel

Room Ready Message

Hello Mr. Smith. Here are the directions to our hotel: https://google/maps/1234

Will you be needing a shuttle?



During the check-in process, let your guests know that they can text message for any questions or service request the need. Hotels often provide a card with their text number along with the room key envelope for guests to easily access.

Daily Activities

Happy Hour Specials

Restaurant & Bar hours

Here is a list of our daily activities …

Free drinks in the lobby bar. See bartender to redeem.



Whether your guests are out and about sightseeing, relaxing by the pool or just simply lounging in their room, text messaging makes the stay more pleasant and personalized.

Event Registration

Mid-stay satisfaction Survey

Room Service & Housekeeping Requests

Golf tournament today. Would you like to sign up?

Can I get more coffee delivered to my room?



On check-out day, engage with your guests via text by making sure they were fully happy with the entire experience as well as provide any assistance for transportation or other needs.

Valet Car Pickup

Coupon for Next Stay

Post-stay Satisfaction Survey

Please rate your stay 1-5 (1: Very dissatisfied, 5: Very satisfied)

25% off your next stay. Enter coupon code “VIP” when booking.


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